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Teacher and Student Success Plan 2022-23

Name of Administrator:  Heather Hales

Name of School:  Country View Elementary

Goal #1:

Country View Elementary is focused on creating a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment so that all students can access learning at high levels. To better provide students with the mental health and behavior support they need to access academic learning, student behavior and mental health wellness will be assessed and strengthened through instruction and supported by a schoolwide positive behavior plan.  In addition, school aides and a mental health specialist will provide time to support individual student behavior and mental health needs.

For student behavior, our goal is that the total of 2022-23 behavior office referrals will decrease by 10% from last year’s 2021-22 total of 108.

Goal #1 Action Steps

  1. Aide time will be provided to support the implementation of a schoolwide positive behavior plan and support students identified with behavior needs, enabling them to learn and practice behavior strategies that positively impact individual and classroom learning. ($7,000)
  2. Resources will be supplied to implement a schoolwide positive behavior plan. (5,000)
  3. Time will be provided to our school by a mental health specialist. ($4,000)
  4. Panorama Education subscriptions will be purchased to facilitate instruction on social skills and mental health wellness for grades 3-6. ($450)
  5. 34% of behavior office referrals are a result of behaviors during recess.  The 2021-22 carry-over of $8,000 will be used to pursue matching grant opportunities to upgrade our playground equipment to provide greater recess activity options.

Goal #1 Expenditure Category

Additional school employees

Social and emotional learning support

Other - Schoolwide positive behavior plan supplies; playground equipment

Goal # 1 Measures of Success

Behavior office referrals are documented on MyStudent Tracker.  These Tracker incidents are tallied each quarter and at year end.  The total number of 2022-23 Tracker incidents will be compared to the total number of 2021-22 Tracker incidents to determine if a decrease of 10% was made.

 Goal #2

Our second goal is to increase the effectiveness of our Tier I and Tier II reading and math instruction by: supplying additional aide time to work with students; purchasing subscriptions for an online math program; providing technology in the classroom; and providing teachers and aides with training and professional development.

In reading, our goal is that 67% of students in grades K-6 will achieve typical or above typical growth by the end of the 2022-23 school year as measured by Pathways of Progress on the end of the year DIBELS Acadience assessment.

In math, our goal is that 90% of students in grades K-6 will attain a proficient or highly proficient skill level on four selected math essential learning target (ELT) grade-level assessments.

Goal #2 Action Steps 

  1. Aide time will be provided during Tier II reading and math instruction. ($62,150)
  2. Subscriptions for an online math program will be purchased to support differentiated student learning in grades K-6. ($5,000)
  3. Teachers and aides will utilize technology to increase student engagement and promote learning. ($2,000)
  4. Stipends will be provided to teachers and aides for participating in summer professional development. ($2,000)

Goal #2 Expenditure Areas

School personnel stipends

Additional school employees


Other - Online math program subscriptions

Goal # 2 Measures of Success:

In reading, DIBELS Acadience Pathways of Progress assessments will be administered to students at the beginning and end of the year to measure progress.

In math, each grade level team of teachers determines the four most important math ELTs for their grade.  It is on these four grade level ELTs that student assessment data will be used to track progress toward the goal of 90% student proficiency.

Stakeholder Involvement

Who was involved in developing this plan?  


Collaborative Leadership Team


Community Council Members

Support Professionals

Other - PTA

Administrator Signature

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Signature : Heather Hales

Date :6/22/2022