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Bussing Policy

Weber School District Bus Transportation Policy

    Weber School District is committed to ensuring students receive appropriate district transportation. The District is also committed to ensuring that students, parents, teachers, and transportation personnel understand the procedures for eligibility and procedures to secure district transportation, scheduling and routes, safety provisions, and behavior requirements for students riding District buses.
    Utah law requires Weber School District to provide transportation for eligible students. Additionally, parents and guardians are responsible for the supervision of their student as they board the bus in the morning and after the student leaves the bus, at the end of the school day.
    1. In view of the fact that a bus is an extension of the classroom, the Board of Education shall require students to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with established standards for appropriate behavior any time they are waiting to board a bus, riding a bus, or after exiting a bus.
      1. In cases when a student does not display proper conduct on a bus, such  instances are to be brought to the attention of the school administrator by the driver. The school administrator shall inform the parents or guardians of the misconduct, and request their cooperation in remediating the concern, and inform them of any disciplinary action taken.
      2. Students who become a serious safety or disciplinary problem or who have multiple minor incidents on the school bus may have their riding privileges suspended by the school administrator. In such cases, the parents or guardians of the student involved become responsible for transporting their student to and from school safely.
        1. Due Process:  Unresolved issues or complaints related to student conduct or the consequences thereof, will be decided by the student’s school administration in cooperation with the Transportation Supervisor and the bus driver who reported the incident.
          1. Appeal may be made to the appropriate Elementary or Secondary Supervisor at the District office level if necessary.

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