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Digital Media Device Policy

Definition of Digital Media Device

DMD’s include but are not limited to cell phones, computers, cameras, mp3/iPod, tablets, CD/DVD players, USB thumb drives, video games, and other electronic or battery-powered instruments/toys/devices. 

Use of Digital Media Devices

The use of any media device by students during the school day is prohibited. Because of the disruption of the educational process and/or the risk that these devices may be broken, lost, or stolen. Students are discouraged from bringing them to school. If an extenuating circumstance requires that the device be brought to school it must be turned off and stored in backpacks, book bag, or other areas designated by the teacher. They should not be seen or heard. 


This policy does not apply to the sanctioned use of the digital media devices by students under the direct supervision of their teachers for educational purposes or emergency and special situations as approved by the school administration. 

Consequences for Violation of Policy

Violation of this policy shall result in the confiscation of the digital media device.

  • First Offense
    • Student will be asked to put device away, reminded of the DMD policy and instructed to comply. 
  • Second Offense
    • DMD is taken from the student and is kept in the office, the parent is contacted and the parent may retrieve the DMD from the office. 
  • Third Offense
    • The DMD is not allowed at school for the remainder of the school year. Insubordination will result in disciplinary action which may include suspension from school. 

Note:  Misuse of digital media devices is additionally addressed in Policy 8350 Digital Media Devices and Policy 5200 Student Discipline Policy (including Safe School Policy). 

Other Provisions

*Students bring digital media devices on school property or to school activities at their own risk. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged electronic equipment. 

*The office phone is available for students to contact parents in case of a school issue or emergency. Parents need to call the school to get messages to their students.