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School Wide Procedures

Assembly Procedure - CLAP

Colts’ Voices Off

Look and Listen

Appropriate Response

Place Body in Control

Bathroom Procedure - Shhhhh!

Hush - Voice Off



Bus Procedure - SAFE

Stay in Seat, Facing Forward

Always Respectful Behavior and Conversation

Follow Bus Driver’s Instructions

Electronic Devices Stay in Backpacks

Cafeteria Procedure - LUNCH


Hallway Procedure - WALK

Walk on the Right

Always Be Silent

Look Forward

Keep Body in Control

PLC Procedure - PLCS

Polite Behavior

Listen and Engage

Clean Up Quickly and Quietly

Show Hallway Procedure

Recess Procedure - PLAY

Play Fair - Follow Game Rules

Line Up When Whistle Blows

Address Problems Before Whistle Blows

You Must Keep Your Body In Control