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School Breakfast/Lunch Update

The Child Nutrition Program has provided meals for free for the past two years because of waivers from the federal government in conjunction with COVID.  (It has been running under the Seamless Summer Program which is free.) There have been over a hundred waivers that were in place to accommodate meal patterns because of the supply chain shortages, including congregate feeding, time allocation, parent pickup, and many others that helped during this period of time.  

They will not be in place after the last day of school May 27, 2022.  The National School Lunch Program will be back as it was pre-COVID.  This means that meals are no longer free for all students for the school year 2022-23.  Parents and guardians will NEED to apply and qualify for the free or reduced benefits.  Watch for the applications and submit them AFTER July 1st, 2022.  They will be available online or at our office at 955 West 12th Street in Ogden.  

The prices for lunch have been raised due to the rising cost of food.  They have not been raised for six years.  There is a meal price list for the coming school year below.

Please refer to the flier below explaining more details about the applications to qualify for the benefits.  We encourage all families to apply for the benefits if needed. 

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