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Community Council Meeting Minutes 

Date: Oct. 7, 2020 

Time: 4:00 to 5:00 pm 

Location: Country View Library

Those in Attendance:  Heather Hales, Steve Merrill, Jen Thomas, Rachelle Moore, Lezlee McBride, Rusti Hammer, Marci Thorsted, and Cindy Waters (participated virtually)

Last Meetings Minutes (03/11/2019): The minutes were approved for Mar. 11, 2020 meeting by Rachelle Moore and seconded by Heather Hales.  All council members voted to approve the minutes.

School Update: Mrs. Hales stated that the State and District health recommendations have been followed closely school wide. Lezlee McBride stated that Mrs. Hales has done a phenomenal job at following procedures and routines to keep all students safe at the school. Heather Hales described sanitation protocols (all students sanitize hands between PLC rotations, chairs are sanitized, balls are sanitized, music equipment is sanitized, and walking paths have been designated). 

Colt Pride: Mrs. Hales described our school wide incentive program. Students are given Colt Pride tickets based on behavior in order to earn a monthly activity. Every student can go to the activity. Students that have more tickets get to pick an activity first. There will be 3 activities for students to choose from.

PTA: Mrs. Hales explained  that  parents cannot volunteer at the school to align with the health department recommendations. Marci Thorsted mentioned that parents can still support the school by signing up for the PTA and by making boxes that contain everything needed to throw a party (party in a box!). 

Community Council Requirements for School Websites:  Mrs. Hales stated that community council members will have their email addresses on the school website. Community members could be emailed by parents with questions about information covered in  meetings. Community Council members emails will be given to the board of education. The board of education will send emails to community members. 

School Land Trust Final Report Summary of 2019-2020: The soft closure prevented the end of year Acadience benchmark test to be given. Students in grades 1-3 were achieving  grade level reading skill goals in the middle of the year. Due to the soft closure, teachers were unable to meet the PLTW modules. Five of the seven grades had taught the modules required.

School Plan Goals: Mrs. Hales discussed and read school wide goals. The following goals have been assigned: 

Goal 1: Our primary goal is that 70% of students will achieve typical or above typical growth in reading by the end of the year 2020-21 school as measured by Pathways of Progress on the end of year DIBELS Acadience assessment.

Goal 2: Student engagement in learning math and technology will be increased through greater access to and use of technology. Students in grades 2-6 will be engaged in one-to-one learning. Our goal is for Rise math proficiency to increase by 5%.

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