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Community Council Meeting Minutes - 
Mar. 10, 2021 (4:00 to 5:00 pm) CVE Library
Those in Attendance: Cindy Waters, Heather Hales, Jen Thomas, Rachelle Moore (virtually), Adrianna Griffey, Rusti Hammer, Marci Thorsted 
Last Meetings Minutes (2/10/2021): The minutes were approved for Feb. 10, 2021 meeting by Adrianna Griffey and Rusti Hammer seconded.  All council members voted to approve the minutes. 
New Counselor: Heather Hales described what the new counselor is doing in our school. Natalie Andertonhas put together a group that supports anti-bullying and suicide prevention called “Hope Squad”. Natalie has been running student groups that give students a voice in our school. She is also running lessons with all of the grades. 
Genre Madness: Jen Thomas explained what the school is doing for March (national reading month). Every student received a March challenge paper that needs to be completed at home. Students that complete the challenges will be getting tickets for classroom drawings. Teachers are showing books in each genre to find their classroom genre winner. After finding each class genre winner, Jen Thomas will calculate who the school wide winner is. The whole school will be doing a live google meet to find who our ultimate genre winner is. Everyone in the school will wear something associated with our genre winner on Mar. 24th for our Literacy Night. In order to keep families safe from covid, our school is doing a drive around bingo night. Every student will be getting a bingo sheet to take home. The bingo sheet has locations that each car must drive to in order to find the answers on their bingo sheet. After finding all of the answers, families will drive to the front of the school to get a treat and a new book for students that attend our school. 
Trustland School Plan: Heather Hales passed out the County View Trust Land School Plan 2020-2021. Heather read the plan out loud. A third goal was added this year. The third goal is “Students in grades K-6 will be involved in “The Leader in Me Program” to increase student social emotional and leadership skills. Heather discussed how the budget will be spent on next year. Heather is going to adjust budget for paraprofessionals so ⅔ of their time goes to reading and ⅓ goes to math. Heather is also going to list the reading goal as the “primary goal”.
Vote to Approve: Rusti Hammer approved and Marci Thorsted seconded the motion.
Plans for Apr.  21, 2021 Meeting:  Possible time to meet if needed for Trustland plan

The meeting was adjourned.

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