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Community Council Meeting Minutes February 16, 2022 


Community Council Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2022 4:00 p.m. CVE Library


Those in attendance:  Amy Hadley, Cindy Waters, Heather Hales, Krystin Amaya, Rusty Hammer, Marci Thorstead, Shawn Ferriola. 

Last meeting: Safe school technology White Ribbon Week


Approval of Minutes from 1/12/22: The minutes were approved. Rusty Hammer motioned to approve and Amy Hadley seconded the motion. 


Overview: Cindy Waters led the agenda through the checklist.


DIBELS Data: Presented by Krystin Amaya. 4th grade trending less growth, concerns of 5th grade low proficiency.


School LAND Trust: Final Report: 

Measurements and growth were shared with known data for the current year. Showed Weber School District comparisons. Budget for chromebooks discussed budget versus what was spent. Will fluctuate based on student numbers. 


MOY Dibels update:

MOY composite comparison scores shared between school and district. Celebrations for successes in reading for grades K-3. 


Recommendations for 2022-23 School LAND Trust Plan and TSSA Plan:

School LAND TRUST: Explanation of where money goes within the school: aides, PLC teachers, math aids, small amounts for technology. The Acadience/Dibels and RISE test is how we determine accountability for money. 

TSSA: some aid time is paid for by this, we use Acadience/Dibels and Math ELT (Essential Learning Target) data scored at 90%. Looking to change to 85% proficient. Leader in Me is part of TSSA, as well as behavior Plan and reward days, breaks with kids with supplies and incentives, Panorama survey and mini lessons for teachers and behavior needs, and mental health specialist. 

STEM Makerspace activities using science curriculum using Amplify Science. 

Leader in Me and goal setting is important moving forward the survey is a parent/student/teacher survey. Typing test is added to 5th grade.


Other Business:

White Ribbon Week sharing of upcoming plans and events. Dog buddy for rewards and reading. 


Future Meeting Dates:  

Wednesday March 9, 2022 @4:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 13, 2022 if needed. 


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made by Shawn Ferriola and seconded by Marci Thorstead. 

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