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Community Council Meeting Minutes 

Feb. 10, 2021 (4:00 to 5:00 pm) Google Meet Those in Attendance: Cindy Waters, Heather Hales, Jen Thomas, Rachelle Moore, Adrianna Griffey, Rusti Hammer, Lynn Raymond Last Meetings Minutes (10/7/2020):

The minutes were approved for Oct. 7, 2020 meeting by Rusti Hammer and Adrianna Griffey seconded. All council members voted to approve the minutes. Fun Run: Heather described the changes to the school fundraiser, “Fun Run”, in order to participate safely during the Covid pandemic. Parents weren’t allowed to watch students run this year but they could make and hang posters. Students ran 1 class at a time during their PLC rotation. Heather reported that we have raised nearly $8,000 so the kids have been able to do fun things like wear pajamas or a hat to school. Heather has found that the changes have improved the flow and safety of the run so these changes will continue for years to come. Middle of 2021 DIBElS results: Jen Thomas went over the reading goal (70% of students will achieve typical or above typical growth in reading by the end of 2020-2021 year as measured by Pathways of Progress on the end of year Acadience assessment). Jen analyzed and discussed middle of year reading data in grades K-6 from a google slide. Country View currently has 61% of students making typical or above typical growth. Upper grade students are struggling with proficiency and growth so groups were changed to focus on specific phonics deficits. Heather mention that most of our Trustlands funds go for paraprofessional salaries that help with reading interventions. One to one chromebooks: Lynn Raymond, director over technology, discussed safety precautions like “Bark” used to keep students safe while online. Lynn discussed the importance of having devices for each student in our school district. Leader in Me: Heather Hales went over the Leader in Me program with a google slide presentation. Heather wants to have a paradigm shift with “all students being leaders”. Went over the 7 habits and we watched a video about the Leader in Me program. The cost is $9,000 for students and staff to be trained. Budget: Heather Hales went over the school budget for this year and what money we need for next year. We are $5,000 over if we are planning to use the same funding we did last year. Heather asked for feedback about the current budget. Rusti commented that all items are valid and needed. Cindy asked about money left over from the previous school year. Heather stated that we have some funds leftover that we can use for next year. Heather was asked about the ongoing cost for Leader in Me and she reported that Leader in Me is mostly paid for after year one except for yearly training. Plans for Mar. 10, 2021 Meeting: Approve Trustlands Budget 2020-2021 The meeting was adjourned.

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