Community Council Minutes Feb 21, 2019

February 21, 2019

Country View Community Council Minutes

Those in attendance:  Jill Merritt, Chris David, Melissa Copeland, Jennifer Thomas, Karen Eyre, Laurie Kite Georgene Brinkerhoff

Jen Thomas explained the importance of aide time for extra reading for all students.  Aide time is a large part of the proposed budget for the upcoming year, as it has been a priority in years past.The growth of students reading on grade level increase in all grades.  For example, our school demonstrated at 24% rate of growth in the number of fluent readers since the previous year.  Additional reading practice is provided for students in all grades, either through individual or small group interventions.  In second grade there are four adults in the room providing small group reading interventions.  Third through fifth grades pull out the students that are not reading on grade level for additional reading support.

Country View Elementary is one of five schools in the Weber School District that made above typical reading growth progress last year.

The members reviewed the goals proposed by Mrs. Copeland that are available for viewing on the school website.  The members will vote regarding these proposed services and costs.  Mrs. Copeland indicated that next year there would be a new principal at Country View Elementary.  The new administrator would have the option to propose any changes he or she felt should make.

Community concerns included students crossing the street when NOT using the crosswalk.  Appreciation was given for the buddy benches that were donated for our school.  We had a discussion regarding the nature center, open classroom- that is paid for by the school wide recycling.  Thank you sixth graders.

The meeting was adjourned.

Community Council Minute Oct. 17, 2018

Minutes of the Country View Elementary Community Council Meeting
October 17,2 2018
Those in attendance:  Jeff Martinez, Jr., Georgene Brinkerhoff, Melissa Copeland, Jennifer Hougaard, Jill Merritt, Karen Eyre.
The Country View Community Council school plan goals is created in advance of the school year.  The current plan was created while anticipating potential school expenses due to the realignment of school boundaries  and unknown possible donations to the school.  Money expenditures must meet the needs of the entire school.  
The current school plan can been viewed on the school website.  Particular discussion of these goals included
1.  Academic areas included  school-wide academic goals. 
 2. We participate in the Project Lead The Way program,
3.   Congratulations were  given to our school Reading Specialist, Jennifer Thomas. Our second grade teachers received commendations from the district for their exceptional progress regarding reading fluency improvement.  We are very proud of their tremendous efforts for their students
4.  Teacher collaboration  is supported by  PLC meetings.  Payment for  support staff to teach students while their teachers attend in their PLC's.  The school newsletter and website are funded by goal number four.
.Jennifer Thomas will present reading  data at a future community council meeting.  Future meetings have been scheduled for December 13th, February 13th, and Mach 13th.  All meeting begin at 3:45 in the library.  These meeting are open for all to attend.
The September minutes were approved by a motion and second for approval.
The meeting was adjourned

Community Council

Community Council Meeting

October 11th, 2017


 Jennifer Hoagard, was elected as Chair and Karen Eyre as Vice-chair and scribe for the council this school year.  This is a public meeting and open for others attend if they want to.  Other meetings can be schdule as needed.  

Last year’s trust land (2017-2018) expenditures were reviewed.  

Trust Land money is to be used by the end of the school year, with the exception of the principal’s prerogative to save no more than 10% for a larger project.  The state is notified in advance of such projects.

  • In 2017-2018 Country View Elementary Trust Land expenditures included:
    • Paying the salaries, taxes and benefits (when applicable) for aides to help in classroom and ruing 90 minute Professional Learning Centers (PLC’s) while teacher collaborated with other school staff for the benefit of increasing educational gains for our students.
    • These aides provide additional physical education and technology support other than what the students already receive in their general education curriculum. By state law, each school is graded. 
    • Mrs. Copeland expressed appreciation and acknowledged the efforts of hardworking teachers, students and supportive parents to score such progress.
    • Last year’s goals were reviewed and are listed on the web site.
    • School will use DIBELS Benchmark and progress monitoring scores to determine if students are making progress.  

Community Council Minutes Sept. 26 2018

comunity council pdf

March 3, 2018

March 3, 2018

Community Council Minutes 

Country View Elementary School

Weber School District

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The council discussed the proposed use of the Trust land funds for the school year 2018-2019 that the school receives each year based on the number of students enrolled.  

The meeting was adjourned.  No future meeting date has been set, but has been kept open to address any concerns the council members may have in the future.