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September 2017

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Principal's Message

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Dear Parents,

This year is going great and thanks to all who help make this happen.  We are so happy to have so many new students at our school this year.  We have approximately 660 students up from 534 last year.  We want all our students to feel loved and to feel safe and secure in our school.  We have several safety procedures to ensure your student is safe. 

  • No parents are allowed on the playground, even with a visitor pass, due to Safe School Policies.  However, you are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child at any time or come and volunteer in the classroom.
  • Please bring your student(s) no earlier than 8:15 a.m., to school, especially in the winter when it is very cold outside as the first bell doesn鈥檛 ring until 8:25 a.m.  (This does not include those students who eat breakfast at 8:00 a.m.)
  • Please check in at the office anytime you come to the school, for any reason.  All doors are locked except the front door and this is a great way for us to meet and greet you.
  • It is a disruption for students to be checked out early each day, please use your discretion as learning takes place through the end of the day. (We know it is necessary for appointments and other situations, however).
  • Please do not have your student(s) cross the street, on their own, to get to your car, before or after school.  Safety is our Number One Priority and we are committed in keeping your child safe from harm.  Walk with them if necessary.
  • During this time of the year, students are riding bikes.  Please remind your children of the rules of not riding on the street and drivers please watch out for bikers. 
  • Please call the Absence Hotline 452-4405 for your student absences.

Again, thank you for trusting us with your student each day.  We look forward to seeing you often, and encourage you to communicate with your child鈥檚 teacher if you have questions or concerns, as they are the first line of interaction with your kids.


Mrs. Copeland


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Kindergarten parents,

WOW! What an exciting start to our Kindergarten year! We have been working really hard to learn ALL the rules and how to act in a classroom setting. We still have a lot of work to do but we are getting the hang of it.

This month in Language Arts we will be working on letter recognition, letter sounds and beginning sounds as well as sight words. Practice those sight words at home. Remember, they need to check them off with their teacher three times before new words will be sent home.

In math, we are working on shapes and numbers 0-5.

Just a few things to remember, please be patient as you are picking up your child in the pick up line. Do not park and get out of the car in the pick up line. If you are going to park, please use the parking lot. Also, please pull all the way forward so that more cars can get to the curb.  We use the west side of the parking lot. The east side is for Preschool and Head Start pick up.

We also want to remind you about the District dress code. Shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders. No tank tops or halter tops unless there is another shirt worn with it. I know it is extremely hot but we have to follow policy.

We appreciate your help and support. It is going to be a great year!

Mrs. Gines

Mrs. Perry

1st Grade

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First Grade Newsletter Submission:

We are excited to welcome our new students (and parents) to first grade this year! First grade is a wonderful new learning experience for everyone, and it requires a great deal of time, patience and encouragement from parents.

Daily attendance is important for first graders as they are learning the new procedures for first grade. Please make sure your child is on time and at school each day. The bell rings at 8:25, and the tardy bell rings at 8:35. Students need to be in their classrooms ready to learn before that time.

Homework is now beginning to come home, and it is important for each child to complete it every night and return it to school. The children need to develop good homework habits early in their lives so they can use these skills throughout their school years. The homework also reinforces the phonics and math concepts that we are teaching daily. Spelling lists will begin coming home on September 11th.

We are learning the number words and color words, and we are reviewing the alphabet names and sounds. Please look for our 鈥淢ath News鈥 letter for information regarding what your child is learning in Math.

If you haven鈥檛 the online registration process on the district portal, please do so as soon as possible. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact your child鈥檚 teacher. The acceptable use policy needs to be signed on the portal in order for your child to use school computers during their computer time.

We are having some complications with the My Connect group text list for our classrooms. If you receive an invitation to join a text or e-mail group from My Connect, please respond. Please be patient with us as we work through the process of getting everyone in the loop!

We would like to thank all the parents for the extra supplies for our classrooms and for those who signed up to volunteer their time and energy to help our first graders. We are looking forward to a fun and successful year!

First grade teachers

2nd Grade

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3rd Grade

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We have gotten off to a great start!  It was wonderful to meet all of you at back-to-school night.  Please make sure to fill out all of the paper work and get it back to us as soon as possible. All parents need to visit the Portal to register your child. The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) must be signed for all students in order to use the computers.

It is very important to have your student attend school daily and arrive on time.  Absences and tardiness do affect academic success.  Important topics are taught daily. We have a very structured outline in all subjects in order to cover the core curriculum.  When students miss school they miss out and many of the classroom experiences cannot be made up.

Students, practice with your spelling sorts and vocabulary words throughout the week. Tests will be given on Fridays.

Read BA (Book Adventure) books 20 minutes daily and record minutes on your PTA calendar. This is part of the required homework for third grade.

Parents, please remember to put your initials in the planner to help your student keep track of his/her daily homework. They earn Country View Bucks for being prepared.

Have students study their multiplication facts for 2 this month. A matching game will be sent home that can be used to help with memorization. 

One last thing - please put your student鈥檚 name in his/her jacket.  Many jackets end up in the lost and found each year because names are not in them.

We are off to a great start!!! Thanks for all the wonderful donations of school supplies and materials. We really appreciate your generosity. 


-Third Grade Teachers

4th Grade

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We are off to amazing start!!!  4th Grade is a great place to be.

The students are working hard and getting into a routine.  Please remember to have your child read 20 minutes each night. Developing a habit of reading each night will lead to success throughout the school years.  Also, ALEK's is up and running so your child should be bringing home their login information shortly if they have not already.  The 4th grade requires 60 minutes of ALEK'S each week at home.  

We will have library on Mondays so please remember to bring back those library books each Monday.  PE is also that day so wear appropriate shoes.

Please feel free to contact any of the 4th grade teachers if you have questions or concerns.  As we work together, we know that it will be a successful year for all of us.

-4th Grade Teachers

5th Grade

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Fifth grade has started off with giant things. We are looking forward to our colossal party September 13th from 9:00-11:00 a.m. It would be helpful to have a tremendous amount of parent volunteers to help with this gargantuan event. Please come dressed, ready for a mammoth mess and a walloping good time! 
Thank you for your generous and monumental amount of supplies. It will help substantially. Your children have brought enormous smiles to our faces.
Fifth Grade Team

6th Grade

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We鈥檝e had an amazing start to the year!  We鈥檙e working on ratios in math and starting classroom novels in reading.  Students should be getting their planners signed each night.

Soon we鈥檒l be starting NOVA, cooking in solar ovens, and having some other awesome activities.  Make sure to check your emails for more information.

Thanks for all your support from home! 

6th Grade Team

Library Spotlight

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This year we are going to spotlight some books that are found in our Library.  Each month we will have  a couple of students review books that they have read or highlight a new book.  

The book for this first month is "Wonder" by R. J. Palacio.  This is a great book for all ages to learn about treating others with kindness and not judging on outward appreances.  This book is about a boy named August that is starting the 5th grade for the first time in public school in New York City.  He has been homed school his whole life.  He was born with a deformed face that made it hard for him to talk and eat.  After numerous surgeries, he felt ready to be a normal kid in school.  It follows August, his parents, his sister and his new classmates through out the school year.  I highly recommend this book for everyone to read.

-Trina Bingham

PTA Information

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5:00 to 6:30

School Menu

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Sept. 11- PTA Meeting 3:30pm in the library

Sept. 12- Eye Exams

Sept. 15-Early Out

Sept. 19- Box Top Store- During Lunch

Sept. 20- PTA Fall Party 5:00-6:30 pm

Sept.25-29 Green Ribbon Week

Oct.4-Walk to School Day

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