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Lunch with Loved Ones

Lunch With Loves Ones

On January 27-29th we would like to invite you to join "Lunch With Loved Ones".  Come and eat lunch with your students.  The Book fair will also be opened on these days and will be open during lunch so you will have the opportunity to buy books.  
The Menu:
Wednesday, January 27-Chicken Sandwich or Crisp Taco
Thursday, January 28-Turkey Gravy or Chicken Nuggets
Friday, January 29-Pepporoni or Cheese Pizza or Grilled Cheese Sandwich
You will need to prepay for lunches, you will not be able to pay the day of.  Please stick to the days you sign up for so the lunch count will be correct.  Feel free to bring a lunch from home as well.
Lunch Times:
1st Grade-11:25
2nd Grade-11:45
3rd Grade-11:35
4th Grade-12:00
5th Grade-12:10
6th Grade-12:20
The PTA will have lunch tickets filled out for you to pick up in the lobby the day you come to eat lunch with your students.  You will need these to pick up your lunches.  
A flyer was sent home that has a order form at the bottom to let the cooks know what you will be eating.  Please fill out and submit with your payment by January 13th.