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P.E. from Mrs. Cascaddan

 Hey Country View Students!

For a good warm up, try some of these fun workout videos on Youtube at Glenn Higgins Fitness

I have attached a video that instructs second graders on striking a balloon with different items. I thought this would be fun for all grades. If you don’t have a balloon, you could use a beach ball or other very light ball. Follow along with the video for some different challenges. Work with your parents to come up with some items to use to substitute the PE equipment they use in the video and for ways you could adjust the games to play at home. Make sure you’re in an area that is safe to play in, where you won’t hit anything or break anything. Ask your parents to show you a good spot. Some students may be interested in learning more about Speed Stacks. Here are some videos that could help you with your Speed Stacks skills.

Remember to stay active and stay safe and healthy!

I hope to see you soon!

Mrs. Cascaddan


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