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Community Council Meeting Minutes 

October 20, 2021 (4:00 to 5:00 pm) CVE Library

Those in Attendance:  Cindy Waters, Rachelle Moore, Rusti Hammer, Steven Merrill, Shawn Ferriola, Heather Hales, Adrianna Griffey 

Last Meetings Minutes (3/10/2021): The minutes were approved for the March 10, 2021 meeting.  Motion by Rachelle Moore; Rusti Hammer seconded.  All council members voted to approve the minutes. 

Overview: Cindy Waters led the council through the Compliance Checklist, Council Responsibilities, Rules of Order and Procedure, and the recommended Timeline.  Rules of Order were adopted by the council.  Shawn Ferriola motioned; Rusti Hammer seconded motion.  Members were provided copies of all the aforementioned items.

Elections:  Chair and Vice Chair positions were elected in the spring.  The recommended timeline schedules elections in the fall.  A motion by Adrianna Griffey was made to amend our timeline to allow for elections of officers to take place during the last scheduled meeting in the Spring. Steven Merrill seconded the motion.  Motion was passed.

Last Year’s Funding:  Cindy Waters led the council in a review of 2020-21 Funding.  Members were provided with copies of the report.

Current School LAND Trust Plan:  Cindy Waters reviewed the current School LAND Trust Plan.  Members received copies of the current plan. 

Current TSSA Plan:  Cindy Waters reviewed the current Teacher and Student Success Plan with council members.  Members received copies of the current TSSA plan.

School Update:  Heather Hales provided a school update.  Items discussed were: Leader In Me Program, Colt Pride Schoolwide Positive Behavior Plan, ESSER interventions for struggling students, Unity Day, Red Ribbon Week, Vex Robotics, Country View Choir, Makerspace PLC Rotation, New Lunchroom Rewards, Chromebooks for each student.

School LAND Trust Video:  Council members viewed the recommended training video: What’s New School LAND Trust Program 2021-2022.  

Other Business:  The council was informed that Krystin Amaya, Reading Specialist, will provide a presentation on DIBELS Acadience Assessment data at the November meeting.  Shawn Ferriola asked if data would be included for past years.  Heather Hales said she would ask Mrs. Amaya to include past years’ data along with a review of last year’s data and goals. 

Future Meeting Dates:  Future meeting dates were discussed: November 10, 2021; February 16, 2022; March 9, 2022; and April 13, 2022 (if needed).

Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn was made by Rachelle Moore and seconded by Shawn Ferriola.

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