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Bindergarten Materials


Reminders for 

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten


Start the week after Kindergarten  round up:


  • Week 1 - Cut out the animal alphabet cards.  Practice the names & sounds of each letter. Use the cards to spell your child’s name.  What animals are in their name?
  • Week 2 - Cut out the upper and lowercase cards.  Practice the names & sounds of each letter. Practice putting the cards in ABC order.
  • Week 3 – Adam’s activity.  If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?  
  • Week 4 – Lenny’s activity.  Play the Grab & Match game. You can also put labels on things around your house to help your child start reading.
  • Week 5 – Raffi’s activity.  Here’s a goal – see if you can read all (or most) of the books listed on Miss Bindergarten’s book list.  Be sure to record them on your Superintendent’s Summer Reading list. Your child will be recognized for this achievement during September. 
  • Week 6 – Noah’s activity. Counting, counting, counting!  Practicing counting with your child. Count items one-by-one and counting to 30 (at least).
  • Week 7 – Gwen’s activity.  Cut out the number cards and play the number games.  
  • Week 8 – Sara’s activity.  Practice naming and drawing these 4 basic shapes:  circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. Play “I spy” with these shapes EVERYWHERE (home, in the car, at the store, at the park).  
  • Week 9 – Tammy’s activity.  Make a book of shapes. Each page can be a different shape.
  • Week 10 – Christopher’s activity.  Your child should know their basic colors and be able to find them in their environment.  Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, black. If they know these already, add in pink, gray, and white.  Make flashcards in those colors to help your child learn to read those words.
  • Week 11 – Danny’s activity.  Sorting mania – anything can be sorted!  This is a great activity because it teaches kids to sort and classify.  Be creative! Let them sort laundry, buttons, legos, cars – the sky is the limit!
  • Week 12 – Patricia’s activity.  Play pattern games with your child.  Just like with shapes, have your child find patterns in their environment.  They are all around us, if we look for them.
  • Week 13 – Fran’s activity.  Help your child learn to share and take turns.  In a classroom full of kids, this skill will be put to good use!
  • Week 14 – Miss Bindergarten (and the kindergarten teachers) encourage you to read nursery rhymes to your children this week.  Can you believe that many kids coming into kindergarten don’t know what a nursery rhyme is? For extra practice, help your kids find the rhyming words in the nursery rhymes.
  • Week 15 - Miss Bindergarten (and the kindergarten teachers) encourage you to sing songs with your children this week.  Singing and learning go hand-in-hand in kindergarten! It’s a fun way to learn!
  • Week 16 – Let’s work on the kindergarten skills checklist in the workbook.  This week, help your child memorize important cell phone numbers they may need in an emergency.  Knowing their address is another important skill.
  • Week 17 - Have your child practice writing their name.  They should be able to write their name correctly (the first letter is a capital, and the rest are lowercase letters).  
  • Week 18 – Teach your child how to hold a pair of scissors correctly (thumb goes in the small hole and all the rest of the fingers go in the larger hole).  Give them lots of practice cutting so they feel successful in kindergarten. Old newpapers & junk mail are great for cutting practice!
  • Week 19 – Self-help skills.  Can your child put on and take off their own jacket?  Can they tie their own shoes? Can they zip up their backpack?  They will need to be self-sufficient in these ways in kindergarten.  
  • Week 20 – “All About Me”.  Does your child know their first AND last name?  Do they know their birthday? Do they know how old they are?  Can they tell you how many people are in their family?

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