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News from the school

Kindergarten Registration On Line2020-04-17 15:40:28

    Kindergarten On Line Registration Welcome to Kindergarten!  Please click the link above and registor your student.  When that is complete, call the school at 801-452-4400 to make an appointment to turn in...

Meet the Kindergarten Teachers and other staff2020-04-13 16:31:35

                                   Mrs. Bertoch                                                         Mrs. Wardle Head Secretary                                                    Office Aide                                             Kristie Anderseon                                                  Janeal Marsell Speech and Lanugage                                           Special...

PE Ideas 2020-04-22 18:41:40

P.E. from Mrs. Cascaddan  Hey Country View Students! For a good warm up, try some of these fun workout videos on Youtube at Glenn Higgins Fitness I...

Superintendent Summer Math Practice 2020-05-18 03:02:26

  Print Fluency Practice Ideas Kindergarteners- going into 1st Grade Goals:  Fluently add and subtract within 5, add and subtract within 10, count as many as 20 “items”, count to 100 by 1’s & 10’s Give the  child...

Year Book Signing Video2020-05-26 15:23:14

Country View Mission Statement

ALL students will excel by learning at high levels in a safe and nurturing environment 


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